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a little depressing here, but the report is from senator tom coburn. he's taking aim at wasteful pentagon spending. he says the department of defense has become the department of everything. take a look at some of the programs he found the pentagon had paid for in recent years including a symposium in which they discussed the topic "did jesus die for klingons too" on the implications for christi christianity if exterstrials were discovered. they also a studied slang on twitter. dod overhead is larger than the gdp of israel and the uae. he recommends $67.9 billion in savings in ten years are cut out of the pentagon budget by going afr some of the things he lists here. so a lot of wasteful spending here being highlighted over at the pentagon by a republican which is interesting. >> all right. eamon, thanks very much. maria. >> thank you so much. as you just heard, billions of dollars being wasted just in the defense department alone. yet, it is the tax revenue side of the fiscal fight that's getting all the attention, bill. >> it's always a time to put spending cuts front and center in this
, and because of the implications for the pentagon budg budget. going over that cliff is an outcome that has to be avoided. at the same time, in saying that, it's an outcome that has to be avoided, that can't become a license for terror. that can't become a license that whoever is most unreasonable gets their way because we have to avoid going over the cliff. i think a compromise will be found. >> what do you think is most important for the next treasury secretary? we know that tim geithner said he's going to stay until the fiscal cliff issues are complete. but then i've been reporting on this network a number of times that i think larry fink wants that job. there's a bit of a horse race going on. who do you think gets it, and what are the most important skill sets? >> maria, you know from a long experience of having me on this show that i stay out of questions of personality. look, the most important attribute of treasury secretary is the confidence of the president. the president should have in that position whoever he has the most confidence in their ability to provide economic leadership
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2